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We at Deb's  Heavenly Cakes believe that your cake should taste as good as it looks. We use the finest and freshest ingredients such as real butter, fresh eggs, callebaut chocolate, and produce from local farmers. Here are some of our most popular options...

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Cake Flavors

Vanilla Bean| Chocolate | Strawberry | Lemon | Orange Chiffon | Lavender | Orange Blossom | Pineapple Rum | Earl Grey | Red Velvet |Italian Cream | Almond | Sour Cream | Almond | Marble | Rainbow | Apple Spice | Pink Champagne | Chocolate Mocha | Amaretto | Humming Bird | Carrot Cake | German Chocolate | Sweet Potato 

Melted Chocolate
Cake Frosting
Cake Fillings


We make various fruit, curds and mousse fillings. We also use fresh fruit as fillings when in season. Our filling profile are complementary to your cake selection. Such as buttercream, curds, and fresh fruits made from scratch. Here are some of our most popular fillings...


Bavarian Cream | Chocolate fudge  | Chocolate Ganache | Lemon Curd | Orange Curd | Mocha Almond | Fudge | Carrot



We make a variety flavors of Swiss Buttercreams and American Buttercreams to complement our cakes.

Other Desserts

We also make an assorted flavors of pound cakes, seasonal cakes such as Fruit and Rum cakes for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as tarts, pies, cookies and treats for party dessert table.

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